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Managing Emotional Intensity (Ages 14-18)

 If you can identify with some of these statements, then STEPPS group may be for you:

" I often feel overwhelmed."

"I frequently experience very strong emotions."

"I feel alone."

"I’ve struggled with finding more positive support."

"I’ve struggled with finding more positive supports in my life."

"I am an intense person."

"I am out of control."

"My emotional outburst or behaviors negatively affect people around me." "Sometimes I feel like something is wrong with me.”

"It is difficult for me to feel relaxed and centered."

"I wish people would treat me better." "Other people don’t understand me or I feel like other people let me down."

"Sometimes I feel as if the whole world is against me."

"I don’t take care of myself the way I should."

"I want to feel more in control of my life."

How will this group help me?  -

Learn healthy ways to manage even intense emotions.

-Build assertive communication skills.

-Learn ways to create, improve, or maintain healthy relationships.

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