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Family Peer Support Specialist

Family Peer Support Specialist has knowledge and ability to draw on their own experience as a parent or caregiver of a child with an emotional, behavioral or mental health need. Family Peer Support Specialist empowers families by teaching skills to assist them in reaching their goals. 

Position Summary: Family Peer Support Specialist works with parents, caregivers, families, and children to provide support and promote positive physical, social, and emotional health and safety. Family Peer Support Specialist provides resources and referral information and facilitates communication between agencies and service providers. The position focuses on empowering and enhancing family strengths and communication. Family Peer Support Specialist may provide support with substance abuse, family, parenting, stress management, self-esteem, and coping strategies. Family Peer Support Specialist provides support and education to families. 


Education: High School Diploma or GED required, but a bachelor's degree in a human services field preferred 

Experience/Knowledge: Family Peer Support Specialist must have experience as a parent or primary care giver of a child with an emotional, behavioral, or mental health need. The position must have the ability to practice healthy self-care. Family Peer Support Specialist must possess a valid driver’s license, insurance coverage, and reliable transportation as some driving and/or transportation may be required. The position currently meets or is able to meet all requirements of a nationally standardized family peer support training program, including training and satisfactory completion of a competency exam. The position must have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. 

Service Location: Polk County 

Hours: Part Time (10-15 hours per week) 

Job Type: Part-Time 

Pay: $14.00 - $20.00 per hour 

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