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Clinical Practicum/ Internship

Stepping Stone Family Services offers outpatient clinical training to practicum students studying social work or mental health counseling. Here are some reasons to consider working with an intern as your therapist:

1. Our interns are closely supervised by a licensed therapist. The supervising licensed therapist has special supervision training. Interns review and consult with the supervisor on all their cases, which means you have an additional therapist providing time and expertise to working with you in therapy.

2. Interns are constantly learning the most up to date techniques and theories. Interns are still completing their master’s degree and are actively involved in their academic program. They are constantly learning and investing time to deepen their understanding on how to utilize different theories and techniques.

3. Interns have a great deal of investment and energy devoted to you in therapy. Therapy is interns’ biggest focus during this time. Interns are excited to come to work and become the best therapists they can be.

4. Interns work on a reduced or sliding fee scale. Since clinical interns are not fully licensed, they provide therapy at a reduced rate. If you do not have insurance, have a high deductible, or choose to pay out of pocket, a clinical intern may be a right fit for you.

Clinical practicum positions for the years 2024 and 2025 have been filled.

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