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Multiple research studies have found that children and adolescents are not receiving necessary mental health services due to services being limited and difficult for families to access. Providing mental health services in schools increases access to care. Children and families are more likely to access and utilize services when they are being offered at schools. School personnel refer students to school-based therapy when students' mental health needs affect their daily functioning. Stepping Stone Family Services provides school-based therapy services during the school year and the summer break. School-based services and length of service is individualized. Each referred student and his/her parent(s) will meet with a therapist from Stepping Stone Family Services for an assessment. During the assessment, student's needs, strengths and goals are discussed. An individual treatment plan is developed for each student. 

Stepping Stone Family Services provides School Based Therapy to the following Districts and Schools:

Bondurant-Farrar Community School District:

All Schools

Des Moines Public Schools:

Carver Elementary
Perkins Elementary

Brody Middle School

Urbandale Community School District:

All Schools

West Des Moines Community Schools:

Clive Learning Academy

Hillside Elementary

Westridge Elementary

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